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NOVEMBER 9, 2020

This was the launch of Agent Revelation's poster starring Michael Dorn, Derek Ting, Eve Mauro, and Kayla Ewell


Random Art Workshop Films featured in Variety

November 10, 2020

Random Art Workshop Films our production company talks about the films made, Supercapitalist, Always, and Agent Intelligence, the goals, and what lies ahead in producing movies that resonate in both the East and West

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December 9, 2021, set the tone and stage for our film's poster and trailer launch, and took an exclusive for 24 hours before releasing to other media outlets.

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Michael Dorn's first interview on!  SPOILER ALERT!

December 28, 2020

Michael Dorn, one of Star Trek's most iconic characters, Worf, talks about Agent Revelation, the sci-fi story, and what it was like to work on it and with Derek Ting.


Michael Dorn on Entertainment Tonight!

January 11, 2021

Michael Dorn was on Entertainment Tonight talking about our film Agent Revelation as well as Star Trek Picard.

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Michael Dorn on KTLA

January 2, 2018

Michael Dorn was on KTLA5 News, Los Angeles's major TV channel talking about Agent Revelation, its release, what is was like starring as Worf in Star Trek the Next Generation (TNG) whether he'll be in Star Trek Picard, and more

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DIGITAL Review: 'Agent Revelation' is an entertaining and gripping sci-fi movie

January 20, 2021

Agent Revelation is a high-octane and entertaining sci-fi thriller that was written by Showrunner Derek Ting.  Michael Dorn...

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World Film Geek:  Derek Ting does a great job in the lead role

January 20, 2021

"Check out Agent Revelation to get a glimpse at a young action star and filmmaker on the rise. Derek Ting does a great job in the lead role and has the skills both in front and behind the cameras with excellent support from Michael Dorn and company."

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Star Trek Legend Michael Dorn talks Agent Revelation and his upbringing

March 7, 2021

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